bittersweet the mogras

bittersweet the mogras

a freestyle renku sequence

coffee shop –
the flavour of her voice
in every sip       / Gautam


bittersweet the mogras
sold by the schoolgirl      / Brijesh


lingering over
the evening rush hour –
summer sun        / Raamesh


bleeding from the barbed wire
the coat you wore last winter     /Paresh


nothing left behind
except that last
goodbye      / Rohini


I step into the morrow
of my dreams     / Gautam


from the tulip garden
stolen petals
and kisses      / Brijesh


bridal veil the colour
of magic on her lips      / Raamesh


with cross stitches
we add a full moon
to the night sky      / Paresh


sketched in pen and ink
the group all smiles     / Rohini



Published originally at Whispers

A hatful of sky

The writings of IN haiku Mumbai group

Sandra Martyres

moonless sky –
not even a shadow
to follow him

XII Edition Winter 2015 – European Kukai
2nd place


Raamesh Gowri Raghavan

with a hatful of sky
the night
is my only cloak
and soon my shroud

A Hundred Gourds, September 2014


Paresh Tiwari


dawn cold light over crumpled sheets . . . my hand over her belly . . . over her sagging contours soaking warmth taking my time over her stretch marks, reading faded words of an old-intimate diary.

She stops me when I reach the now long-healed incision three inches below her navel.

This one was him she says.

the moon the colour
of emptiness

Modern Haiku 43.1

Dr Brijesh Raj

forest walk
the cool breath
of Eucalyptus trees

Herons’s Nest March 2016


Rohini Gupta

baleful eyes
the bounding dog takes
a sudden u-turn

whiskers and purrs, a book of cat haiku, 2016


Gautam Nadkarni

looking within
the sky no longer creased
by the ripples

A Hundred Gourds — Sept 2015 Issu



Mahrukh Bulsara

spring rain
the tiny leaf
catches a flower