Six Seasons Anthology of Indian Haiku

We are planning on bringing out an anthology of haiku based on the six Indian seasons, on the occasion of the third anniversary of IN haiku Mumbai. It will be brought out as an e-book.

Submission criteria:

  1. Haiku including any kigo representing any of the six Indian seasons, viz. Vasanta (Spring), Greeshma (Summer), Varsha (Monsoon), Sharad (Autumn), Hemant (Frost) and Shishir (Winter).
  2. Open to anyone, as long as the haiku is about Indian seasons or refers to them. If the kigo is not self-evident, please mention the season of your haiku. E.g. ‘monsoon’ is self-evident, ’tilgul’ isn’t (it is Shishir).
  3. When submitting, place your haiku in the body of the mail. Put ‘Submission to Six Seasons’ and your name in the subject line, e.g. ‘Submission to Six Seasons  Albert Einstein’. Mail your submission to
  4. Mention your name as you would like it published, city and country in your submission.
  5. Submit no more than six haiku, preferably unpublished. Urban ku and senryu, as long as they include a clear kigo, are accepted.
  6. All submissions will be voted on by the anthology committee of IN haiku Mumbai, and their decision will be final and binding.
  7. Send in your submissions by January 31, 2017.
  8. The anthology committee of IN haiku Mumbai reserves the right to change the guidelines at any time in the best interests of the anthology.


A note on the Indian seasons-

The three main seasons are summer, monsoon and winter.
In addition we have three more, spring, autumn and frost.

Spring, Vasant in the months of Chaitra and Vaishakh, begins  roughly around mid March to mid May.

Summer, Grishma in the months of Jyeshtha and Ashaadha, roughly mid May to  mid July.

Monsoon, Varsha during the months of Shravan and Bhadrapaad, roughly  mid July to mid September.

Autumn, Sharad during Ashwin and Kartika, around  mid September to  mid November.

Frost, Hemant during Margashirsha and Pausha, mid November to mid January.

Winter, Shishir during Magha and Phalgun, mid January to mid March.